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One of the highlights of my week is Saturday mornings. I simply love to get my hair wash, so off to the salon I go. The salon is often therapy for many, a moan and groan session for others, and just that woman to woman connection for some.  The topic of discussion today was friendships- loyalties and boundaries.

The Scenario:

Two guys were friends since their days of day care. Guy #1 crossed paths with an ex-girlfriend of guy #2 some years after the relationship has been dissolved. Guy #1 and ex-girlfriend begin to cross paths more frequently at events that mutual friends are hosting. At some point guy #1 begins not only hang out with the ex-girlfriend but indulge in the cookie as well. Guy #1 shares this information with another childhood friend, who also happens to be guy #2 cousin. The friend express his concerns and issues with the situation that has been revealed and battles with if he thinks he should share this information with his cousin.  He feels that betrayal has taken place, but feels confident that guy #1 is going to end the situation and that way no one else will have to know and it will not be an issue within the friendships. But as time goes on the cousin/friend realizes that guy #1 has decided not to end the situation so he must share the information with his cousin because it's neccesary. The information has also now traveled to other guys in their group of friends and has started to present some tension. All his friends begin to express how messed up they think the situation is so guy #1 then distants himself from ex-girlfriend. Fast forward to 6 months later and the situation has come to life again. The friendship of guy #1 and #2 is completely dead and after expressing their thoughts all other friends try to remain neutral but still feel very strongly that the situation is out or order.

Your thoughts:

What are the loyalties and boundaries that you feel apply to a friendship?

Do you think that the cousin/friend was right to initially not share the information with his cousin?

Do you ever think that their is a time when it is okay for someone to date an ex of one of their friends?

Is forming a potential love relationship worth jeopardizing your friendship?
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Children out with friends, SO working, me indulging in some relaxation.
A phone call from a friend just to say I love you.
Acoustic Guitar: Electric or not? One of my creative interest.
1. Walk 10,000 steps a day or take three 10 minute walks
2. Count to 10 before you say or do anything in anger
3. Eat the top 10 antioxidant foods (artichokes, blackberries, beans, plums, apples, cranberries, pecans, raspberries and blueberries)
4. Talk to your household (children, spouses) one-on-one for 10 minutes everyday.
5. Automatically save 10% of each paycheck and pay an extra $10 on your montly credit card bills
6. Voluteer 10 hours a month to a community service to charity
7. Take 10 minutes for yourself each day. Meditate, stretch, do a hobby, enjoy alone time
8. Focus on the 10 most important things that you need to get done.
9. Develop a 10-year plan
10. Write down/think about 10 people or things that you're most thankful. Show gratitude daily.

Source: Hope Health Newsletter
As we settle into a new year, a new decade, a new day, what is it that it will take to be a new you. Laura Neft posed these questions on her site at the beginning of last year and I think that they are just as valuable now as they were then.

I'm sure we all aspire to be or do something different than we have in our past. I'm resolutions, vision boards, goals, etc have been thought about a lot over the last 30-45 days. Even if you have done these things or something similiar, make note of these questions and when you have some quiet time ponder on them.

1. How is where you are in life today different from where you were last January?

2. How are you different today, internally, thatn you were a year ago?

3. Of all you've eperienced in the past year, what are most proud of?

4. What did you shy away from in 2009 that you wish you'd gone for?

5. What did you learn about yourself last year?

6. Who impacted your life the most this past year?

7. What are the most important lessons you learned in 2009 that you want to be conscious of in 2010?

8. What are you being called to next in your personal growth?

9. If you could create three things in your life the coming year, what would they be?

10. What parts of yourself will you need to call upon to create those three things with wild success in 2010?

Sensual Tuesday is pleased to introduce Courtney Alexander.
Courtney Alexander came to life a few years ago when I began to write erotic literature (poems/short stories). Now making her way to the cyberworld, she will inspire an atmosphere of exploration of the senses through her adventures.

Stay tuned....
Layin low, rest and pause
Sleeping long, slow motion
Gonna do, shoulda, coulda
Woulda done, excuses

What are you afraid of?
Don't you know what you are made of/
One of God's greatest creations
Take this invitation now

Get up, 'cause you can't stop
Get up, got a lot to do
24 hours, almost gone

Get up, don't sit back
Get up. if you wanna get there
Clocks don't stop and time won't wait

He said, she said
They said, what do you say
It's your dreams, your choice
Your time and your life
So don't you, don't you miss it


Welcome to the rest of your life
From now on, just try
To live more, want more, work a little harder
Dance more, laugh more, be a little smarter
Hug a little longer, love a little stronger
You've been down but now it's time to

Today marks the day of another 365 day cycle. Make the best of each and every day. Do something you were afraid to do in the past, pursue your dreams unlike you ever have before. Simply make it a great year!!!