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Acoustic Guitar: Electric or not? One of my creative interest.
1/6/2010 08:17:11 am

What a cool hobby that'll be! Dern.... so hard to choose. I guess I'd ask first what type of music do you envision yourself enjoying playing more.... that wonderful, mellow, folk-type music....? Or something a little edgier, harder? Both sounds are great!

Knowing me I'd get the pink electric guitar. Seems there is more variety....? I dunno - like, cant you change the "settings" on the electric guitar to sound like an accoustic, if you are in the mood for that? (LOL, I clearly know very little about either).

1/11/2010 01:06:51 am

funny i always said if i could play any instrument i'd choose the guitar.

but i'd choose an old, dusty vintage one.


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