Gardening in Stilettos
As we settle into a new year, a new decade, a new day, what is it that it will take to be a new you. Laura Neft posed these questions on her site at the beginning of last year and I think that they are just as valuable now as they were then.

I'm sure we all aspire to be or do something different than we have in our past. I'm resolutions, vision boards, goals, etc have been thought about a lot over the last 30-45 days. Even if you have done these things or something similiar, make note of these questions and when you have some quiet time ponder on them.

1. How is where you are in life today different from where you were last January?

2. How are you different today, internally, thatn you were a year ago?

3. Of all you've eperienced in the past year, what are most proud of?

4. What did you shy away from in 2009 that you wish you'd gone for?

5. What did you learn about yourself last year?

6. Who impacted your life the most this past year?

7. What are the most important lessons you learned in 2009 that you want to be conscious of in 2010?

8. What are you being called to next in your personal growth?

9. If you could create three things in your life the coming year, what would they be?

10. What parts of yourself will you need to call upon to create those three things with wild success in 2010?

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