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One of the most essential things we must own is confidence. When we don't have it we never achieve our true presence. Ever wonder why some people are said to have the 'IT Factor' that "je ne sais quio". It starts with your unique raw beauty and your ability to embrace it, your heighten sense of self awareness.

Your assigment if ou chose to take it is:
"Fall in love with you again"

Supplies needed:
Full length mirror
Good lighting-natural lighting if possible
You bare- that's right naked
Positive attitude

To Do:
Stand in front of the mirro
Take a good look at yourself from head to toe
Take  a moment to take you all in, bask in your unique beauty
Drag your hands over your body, starting at the top of your head, following all your curves, notice everything, end at your toes.

**Now in doing this exercise there may be some things that you like and some other things that you are not that happy about.  At this point...

Close your eyes take a few deep breaths by inhaling through your nose and exhaling out of your nose very slowly

Open your eyes continue to take deep  breaths but this time plae your index finger/pointer finger of your left hand under your nose and place your right hand over your heart.

Feel the breaths, the rise and fall of your chest, the air as it enters and exits your nose.

In this moment be thankful for the breaths that you are taking. Be grateful for  the breaths that are giving life to your body.

Smile you are alive!!

Now let's repeat a previous step...

Drag your hands over your body, starting at the top of your head, following all your curves, notice everything, end at your toes.  This time really take pleasure with every touch as you explore your body.

Embrace your raw breauty!! Begin instilling appreciation of your body in your thoughts.

Simply love yourself!!!

Now that you are given yourself permission to simply love yourself as you are.  Take note of anything that you would like to change and what you can do through a natural process to improve. If there are things taht you would like to change butt know that it is one of your unique qualities, remember just is what make you unique and embrace it as of your unique qualities and move on to  makeing steps to improve those things you can change.

We all have unique qualities and those things that we simply have not given enough attention to that allows us to be our best selves. In this moment forgive yourself for not giving your body the attention it needs
and take the necessary steps to do something daily to be your most fabulous self.

This exercise is suggested for you to take a moment to remember to love yourself by embracing all of you but taking step to create behaviors that will exude your best you daily.

During this exercise you took time to reconnect to your breath, that which  gives life to the whole you, not just the external but the internal.  Beginning to build your confidence one step at a time, developing your 'IT Factor'.

Stay tuned for the next Flirty Friday that will focus on your internal beauty.

Until time next time reconnect with yourself daily through your breaths and takes step each day to present your best you!!!

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