My Virtual Universe - Gardening in Stilettos
Gardening in Stilettos
We all have a vision of the life that we would like to have. Here is where I will display what I vision as I continue to evolve.

As a single mother of 2 at some point in life I just starting running the rat race in corporate america to ensure that I did what was necessary to provide for my children. Maintaining stability and not taking risk because my children were the focus.

Fast forward to current day and I am no longer interested in that way of life. Yes in that way I still enjoyed life and was very blessed but I didn't develop to my fullest potential...and now one step at a time I will blossom into the woman I was intended to be.

Here is where the kid in me will come alive and share in some of the things I'd like to enjoy in life if money was not an object.

Clothes, Shoes, Vacations, Gadgets, etc.

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