Gardening in Stilettos
Walking through the park on Sunday with my significant other sharing some reflection time
Over the weekend I participated in the 1st Annual Heel-a-thon Charity Walk to raise funds for rescusing woman and children enslaved in human trafficking and forced prostitution. When I was approach to participate in this effort I was excited to be included in such a needed cause. We often think of prostitution as a choice that someone made because they felt there was no other way for them to get money. However, this path for many people was chosen for them and they are  faced with the same fears of someone enslaved to domestic violence. It felt wonderful to walk in my 3.5" heels knowing that this time it wasn't just to set off my ensemble or to be diva for the night, it was to help give someone their life back.

Barbados: Harrison Cave (275 feet under ground)
To master your skills in any field the key is to continous learn. This weekend my concentration is on my makeup skills...specifically the eyebrows. I will be doing a training session with MAC on creating the perfect brow. Looking forward to this class and the helpful hints they will share.

Eyebrows accentuate the face and give your face more definition...what is your brow shape?
As a parent of a teenager and a young adult, I often think about the roles they will want me to play in their lives as they continue to grow. My girls and I have always had a  very close relationship and it feels good to know that no matter how old they get or what stage in life their in, they always include me in the activities in their life. My oldest daughter is in her 3rd year at the University of Baltimore. She is an excellent student and often participate in campus affairs that she will invite me to. This week we attended a one person show that was choreographed by one of her professors. It was a very interesting piece. But what was most interesting at the end of the performance, was that other professors and students were surprised my daughter asked me to attend. This lead to dialogue regarding how parents and their kids relate through the stages in their lives.

I'm glad my girls always want me to be a part of their learning and growth, it definitely makes me a proud mom. I try to be available for my kids to support them in their interest I think it has made a tremendous difference in how we relate to one another.
The Heart of the Five Languages of Love by Gary Chapman

Sharing love is a learned behavior and we often have to experience the pain that sometimes comes with sharing love to better understand it as we move forward.

Will share what I feel was valuable for me in this book in a future post.
A text message from the one you love mentioning one of the many special moments that you've shared....

Spending time at the  playground with the kids. Deja and I showed my nephews Kevon and Dayvid how to play hopscotch...Lexi decided to join the
Love: My cousins quaint wedding Spring 2009
I find the world of blogging to be such an interesting space. I read various blogs daily and find so much in common with many people around the world. Over time I have dibbled and dabbled in the blog world but it's time for me to really dive in.

I hope to have a very enjoyable time in the blog world!!!
This is a new blog with a new look that will showcase my development and new explorations in life.

So as I change the blog may change but I'm looking forward to re-inventing me.

I have wanted to try growing a few items indoors so recently when i went into a target and saw these nifty little mini grow kits I decided what better time than the present.

Indoor Garden Items: basil, parsley, lavendar, peppers, purple coneflowers
                                  Stay tune for progress...