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What does it take to sustain those number of years in a marriage. Well one married couple of 50 years summed it up by simply saying "Prayer, Patience, Compromise, Understanding and Commitment.

During the reception of the wedding we did this weekend we asked all the married couples to stand because the bride had a gift for the longest marrried couple. Out of all the weddings I've ever coordinated or attended this one had the most long term married couples in attendance.

As the count down of years began the joy of love filled the room with each couple who was still standing. The greatest number of years achieved was 50 with 3 other couples holding the torch of love and marriage for 47, 43 and 33 years. The youngest married couple besides the newlyweds of the day had 5 years in.

This portion of the reception was such a very touching and simply amazing moment. It warms my heart when you hear the stories of marriages that stood the test of time and continue to strive for a happy and loving marriage.

I haven't made the matrimonial commitment yet in life but when I do, I hope to honor the sanctity with longevity and a life long committed celebration of love and life with my mate.

To all you wonderful married couples out there, continue to love and honor one another....Wishing you many many wonderful blessed years!!!

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